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In Which A Chapter Is Titled: Forget To Send Her Home

Posted on 1/11/11

I really hate drawing cars. HATE HATE, but there you go. You can have a few. I crashed them quickly to get out of the way. If you ever thought I made executive decisions about my comic because I'm smart or because I'm deep, I'm sorry to disappoint you. People lose outfits because I get tired of drawing them, and yes, people crash cars cos I get sick of drawing them too.

I'm a hack!! Hahaha.

I like to think that the ferret is actually the mastermind and he's just whispering things into Abner's ear. "Hey, you know who piss me off? VAMPIRES. Screw those guys. Wanna kill a few?" and thus Abner got into the vampire killin' profession.

...true story. Love you much!


PS: Today is Lamont's birthday and for his birthday I gave him a strip where his car is crashed and Worth makes a crack about him being a slut. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE!!!

PPS: OH YEAH. I started handwriting their speech text, what do you think? YEAHHHH. I levelled up.

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