Hanna Falk Cross

The hero of the piece: red-haired, extroverted, enthusiastic, and loyal (though not the sharpest crayon in the box). He is also an occult detective, which in his case means a lot of running around, meeting supernatural beings and occasionally using his magic hammer and magic marker to rectify things.

{...} / Dotdotdot / Zombie / Gallahad / Imhotep

Hanna's colleague and best friend who happens to be green and undead. He also (at first glance) appears to have only one expression (of mild misery), but is not, in fact, emotionless. Oh, and he's the comic's narrator.

Conrad Achenleck

Conrad is a wussy, neurotic, but very, VERY angry designer. He comes to Hanna in the first chapter with an appeal for help and ends up being turned into a vampire. (WHOOPS.) Which sucks because, as a vampire, Conrad is not particularly competent. Like, at all. Still, he scrapes by the best he can.

Toni Ipres

No, she's not in a band. (It's theater). No, she won't tell you where she buys those clothes. (They are cool though, aren't they?). No, she's not a weird human. (She's a werewolf). And YES, she WILL go berserk on you if you threaten one of her friends.

Veser Amaker Hatch

Big-eyed, sharp-toothed and ready to say something inappropriate at any given moment, Veser is a 19-year-old college student who happens to harbor several secrets: for one thing, he gets along poorly (as an understatement) with his father, and for another, one of his parents is not quite human.

Doc Worth

A highly shady, sleazy, crabby and unpleasant individual who is Hanna's go-to for all medical purposes. His unique specialization (dealing with non-humans) is probably the only thing that keeps his business going, since he's not even a proper doctor but rather a med-school dropout. His main hobbies seem to be smoking, looking suspicious, fighting with his best friend/partner in crime Lamont, and insulting Conrad.

Lamont Toucey

Doc Worth's partner in crime and friend. Looking like a member of the mafia, he is no less shady than his colleague - but considerably more polite and pleasant. He does business with the non-human populace of the city and is thus very knowledgeable about the suspicious characters who prowl the night.