Designing for Bloomberg


Lisa Imas, Mike Vu, Liz Wagstaff, Raghav Mujumdar, Jason Azares


8 months

My roles

Interaction design lead, researcher, designer, art director, website designer/coder


In 2015, Bloomberg partnered with a team of five master's students from Carnegie Mellon University for an 8 month project where the team would apply their knowledge of HCI to improve the efficiency of Analytics, Bloomberg's help desk department, in answering the thousands of client inquiries they receive daily.

Bloomberg L.P. is a multi-national financial services and broadcast company that connects individuals across the world with the latest in financial data and news, although the customer service provided by the Bloomberg Analytics help desk organization is also a core part of the company's market offerings. However, a breakneck work pace, a rapidly changing ecosystem, a complex product, and a diverse population of demanding clients can make the department's goals difficult to achieve.


Due to a non-disclosure agreement, our final designs cannot be shown. However, more information on the background and process of this project can be seen on the project website.